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11 Nuffield scholars visit Wisconsin farms

During his time in Wisconsin, Kidd spent time with a family who had previously run a direct consumer beef business. "That fascinated me as something I'd quite like to do back in New Zealand," said Kidd. "Everything I've seen in Wisconsin is amazing soils, amazing cropping practices."

The Nuffield Scholarship Programme

Each year up to three scholarships are awarded by the Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust. These are New Zealand's most valuable and prestigious farming awards.

2013 Applications

Applications close for the 2013 Scholarship programme on 31 August 2012. Please click here for a PDF application.

2012 Nuffield Scholars

The 2012 Nuffield Scholars announced before the Minister of Agriculture on 31 October 2011, are Sandra Faulkner (Gisborne), Richard Fitzgerald (Methven) and Michael Tayler (Temuka).

2012 Nuffield Scholar- Think Global

April 2013 Countrywide Magazine featuring Michael Tayler, 2012 Nuffield Scholar appreciating afresh that this is indeed one lucky country
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